Prepare to be mesmerised by this video of JLo shaking her ass

It defies all laws of physics.

By Nikki Kinstlinger

There is probably only one thing more famous than Jennifer Lopez herself, and that’s Jennifer Lopez’s butt. And when you are the owner of a butt that probably has it’s own insurance policy, it’s best you know exactly how to use that thing to the best of your ability.

Boy, does JLo know how to use that butt to the best of her ability.

She may have only kicked of her resident show at Planet Hollywood, Vegas, last week, but she is already pulling out the big guns on stage, and we just can’t stop looking.

First there were all of those pretty costumes that had us wishing we pursued a career in the performing arts. Then there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as her sparkly pants split right down the centre.

But for her latest trick, we present to you (above), a booty shake that defies all laws of physics and gravity.

HAVE YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE?! Adrienne Bailon was lucky enough to see the Vegas show this past week and thank the good lord above she managed to catch this natural phenomenon on camera and generously shared it on her Instagram account.

Praise hands emoji, JLO. You and your ass are next level.

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