'The Kissing Booth' stars Jacob Elordi and Joey King's cutest Instagram moments

Is it weird we want to third wheel this relationship?

By Natasha Harding
jacob elordi joey king instagram

If you haven't already watched Netflix's The Kissing Booth, do yourself a favour and watch it, like, right now.

This teenage rom-com is one of the purest things to come out of 2018 and will restore your faith in true love. Why? Because aside from the semi-predictable but utterly perfect plotline, the two leading actors, Joey King and Jacob Elordi, are now legit dating in real life.

Cute, right?

But rather than being all ~secretive~ about their relationship, these guys are sharing their love for each other on Instagram.

Just this week Jacob — who's Aussie by the way — took to the 'gram to share a seriously cute message to his girlfriend.

The posts shows Jacob (who's 6' 4") jump frog-ing over Joey (5' 4") with the caption "This sums it up nicely. Happy birthday weirdo. lut o vut e yut o u".

Scroll down to see the couple's most adorable Instagram moments.

Oh, and in case you haven't watched it yet, here's the trailer for The Kissing Booth: