Johnny Depp spent $47k on this naked portrait of Kate Middleton

He also bought a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and a second nude preggo shot of Kate. Because, MONEY.

Today in ridiculous celebrity news, Johnny Depp has splurged a whopping £25,000 (that’s $47,000) on a portrait of a very pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, wearing nothing but a crown on her royal bump.


The picture is by American street artist Pegasus, who is best known for spray painting a version of said portrait, aptly entitled 'Crowned', on a wall in North London. And Johnny is clearly a fan of his work, because he attended the opening of the Pegasus studio in Islington and worked fast to lock down the famous work of art.

No word yet on how Amber Heard feels about competing for her man’s attentions with a naked, pregnant princess on the mantelpiece, but that isn’t all Johnny purchased. He also picked up a few stocking fillers, dropping a casual five-figure amount on a portrait of Queen Elizabeth as well as commissioning a second nude, preggo portrait of Kate.

Prince William seems like a pretty chill guy, but surely he’s not stoked about a Hollywood actor hanging TWO naked portraits of his pregnant wife - and his Grandma - around his house.

Especially if it's this one: