Jonah Hill accidentally emailed Drake his food diary when he was dieting and LOL

“I don’t know him well at all.”

By Lorna Gray

This could possibly be our favourite thing to happen to Jonah Hill ever. Like, it’s even better than Leonardo DiCaprio scaring the sh*t out of him on the street the other day. And that was pretty rad (watch it below).

Anyhoo, Jonah Hill gained weight for his new movie, War Dogs, and recounted the story of getting back into shape to Jimmy Fallon.

Jonah asked his buddy Channing Tatum for advice (mmm Channing Tatum. Good call, Jonah) and Chan told him to speak to his nutritionist.

He was advised to keep a food log of everything he ate and email it to a doctor.

Which resulted in the best story ever....

“One night I was just like, at home and I was bored and I was like ‘Oh, I didn’t email this guy,” the actor said. “So I wrote down like yogurt, salad, chicken, whatever. And I sent it to him and I was looking like an hour later through my sent messages and he didn’t email back ... It must’ve been ‘Dr,’ because it was Doctor, and I had sent it to Drake.”

The best part? Jonah doesn’t even really know Drake:

“So, Drake ― who I don’t know well at all, I met him once — he just got an email from me that said like, ‘Yogurt, salad, chicken.’”

Too. Good.

“He wrote back, ‘You went from zero to 100 calories very quickly. No, he didn’t write back, never spoke to the guy. Another guy I’ve gotta duck for the rest of my life, a long laundry list of people I can never speak to again.”

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Ok, now watch Jonah getting pranked by Leo DiCaprio. You deserve it.

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