So, Jonah Hill had to be saved by Bondi Rescue

TBH, we wouldn’t mind being rescued by the Bondi lifeguards.

By Erin Cook

Let’s be honest, comedian Jonah Hill is just a bit adorable, right? The actor – who stars in Superbad and 21 Jump Street – isn’t afraid to make fun of himself. (And we love him for it!)

During an appearance on the Late Show with Seth Meyers last night, the comedian opened up about the time he had to be rescued by Bondi Rescue. Classic Jonah.

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Vote now for Cosmopolitan's Women of the Year 2016!

Apparently, it all went down when the actor was in Australia with Channing Tatum to promote 21 Jump Street. During some down time, Jonah and Channing went down to Bondi Beach to soak up the scenery.

One minute, Jonah was casually swimming next to Channing and the next thing he knew, he was caught in a rip. “I go swimming and a minute later I look where I am and Channing and everybody else is one mile away from me,” he said. “I’m completely in the middle of the ocean in Australia by myself, drunk. Now, I have to get rescued, okay?” Safe to say, the nice guys from Bondi Rescue were there to help Jonah back to dry land.

Unfortunately for Jonah – but fortunately for us – paparazzi were there as the whole situation went down. There are pictures and TBH, they’re not awfully flattering.

Channing on the other hand was also snapped by the paps and he looked like a Greek god gliding through the water.

Thanks for the LOLs Jonah! We’re happy to hear that you made it to shore okay. Might be better to wear floaties next time though, okay?

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