Warning: you're going to adore Justin Bieber after Carpool Karaoke Part 2

This is honestly amazing.

We’re enjoying this FAR too much. Remember way back when James Corden made us love Justin Bieber in their awesome Carpool Karaoke on his Late Late Show?

Well, they’re back, and we think we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the Biebs and what is life?

As well as taking on absolute classics like ‘Never Say Never,’ they go into a shop and dress each other (watch above, it’s great), and Justin shows he’s actually got a wicked sense of humour. The paparazzi are waiting for them outside the shop and he pretends it’s Corden they’re hounding:

[Justin to the paps:] “He lives his life in a fishbowl dude! Stop it! This is his life!”

They also belt out ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morissette which is JB’s “shower song.” So now you know. You can watch the (beautiful) performance below.

Lastly, Justin Bieber talks about his dick and the now infamous peen pic. Which he still maintains is “shrinkage” for him.

The whole vid is a whopping 12.17 long but if you fancy procrastinating, give it a whirl here.


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