Justin Bieber is reportedly adopting a lion

And plans to name it after a Disney character.

By Natasha Harding

Justin Bieber’s always been a big animal lover, but his latest plans for pet adoption are far from your typical rescue pup sitch. Yup, rather than opting for a kitten or bunny, The Biebs is in the process of adopting A LION CUB. For reals, guys.

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Since meeting entrepreneur Alex Haditaghi before a gig, the two have been making arrangements for Bieb’s to own on a white lion cub, who he hopes to name Simba (classic).

“We still haven’t figured out if it’s an adoption or sponsorship,” Alex explains to New York Daily News, but the millionaire is keen for JB to take the lion, especially on tours, so he can talk to his fans about wildlife preservation. Y’know, just casually drop it in between renditions of ‘What do you mean?’ and ‘Sorry’… (?)

“I was amazed how great [Justin] was with animals — how caring he was,” Alex said, which, we’re not going to lie, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And while we have no doubt Biebs would be a great pet owner, a lion ain’t no normal pet.

Given Justin’s odd behaviour of late, and issues with PETA following petting a Bengal tiger at his Dad's engagement party, we’re not sure this is his best idea...

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