Selena Gomez apologises as Justin Bieber DELETES his Instagram account

Is it too late now to say sorry?

By Erin Van Der Meer
Selena Gomez apologises as Justin Bieber DELETES his Instagram account

After threatening to make his Instagram account private if people didn’t stop hating on his GF Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber has gone one step further and deleted it completely.

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That's right, DELETED IT. The link to Biebs’ account now goes to an error page – all those photos (and not to mention a casual 77 MILLION followers) gone for good.


It's a dramatic move from Justin, especially when he could've used the new Instagram function to turn off comments or filter certain words. Clearly, he's done.

But in a world where fans are used to daily updates from their idols, we can only imagine that the shock decision could turn even the most loyal Beliebers against him. And apart from Beyonce's Beyhive, Beliebers might be the most passionate and loyal fans of all.

Obviously, the internet is losing its shit. #JustinDeactivatedParty is now trending on Twiter, and there are memes flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez, who took aim at Justin and kicked off a war of words between them, made an apology of sorts on Snapchat. She posted a pic of white words against a black background that said “What I said was stupid and pointless.”

We might be in denial, but we just don’t think Justin could have left Instagram for good.

There’s no way, right? He’ll be back. He will! #denial