Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's star signs compatible? An investigation

Hollywood's favourite new couple might be less blessed when it comes to the stars.

By Jonah Waterhouse
Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Star Signs

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement shocked the world, after the singer got down on one knee during a private holiday in the Bahamas.

But here at Cosmopolitan, we can't help but hypothesise how Justin and Hailey's whirlwind romance fares astrologically — with Pisces Justin and Sagittarius Hailey sitting at wildly different ends of the star-sign spectrum.


From an astrological perspective, Justin and Hailey's romance is unconventional. Sagittarius sit in the effervescent Fire Sign category (alongside Leo and Aries), and are renowned for their upfront attitude, candour, and no-bullshit approach to life — things that may prove difficult for sensitive Pisces to handle.

Contrarily, the mix of strong and shy personalities could make for A+ chemistry, and an opposites-attract relationship where each partner forces the other out of their comfort zones.

Of course, we had to put the couple's bond to the test, and consult Astrology Zodiac Signs to garner a further understanding of Justin and Hailey's dynamic (and where it could lead them).

Will Justin and Hailey's relationship be trustworthy?

Trust levels in Sagittarius and Pisces relationships are usually low, with each party often expecting different things.

Astrology Zodiac Signs says Pisces and Sagittarius partnerships "will often have twisted expectations from each other, and this will lead to unintentional dishonesty". This rings true with the bold nature of Sagittarius, while sensitive Pisces struggle with trusting their partners from fear of being hurt.

While each case is obviously individual, Justin and Hailey's astrological alignments may mean they'll need to place emphasis on trust for their romance to succeed.

Justin and Hailey pictured shortly before their engagement.
Justin and Hailey pictured shortly before their engagement.

Will Justin and Hailey remain emotionally attached?

Astrology Zodiac Signs rates Sagittarius/Pisces partnerships as having strong communication skills, with both signs ruled by the planet Jupiter. This will lead to the coupling having "the same optimism, the same vision, and pretty much the same delusions", as well as an enjoyable level of intimacy.

Their planetary ruling will also see the new couple share plenty of the same interests, and have a stronger creative bond than other signs.

However, Pisces/Sagittarius romances should prioritise conflict resolution to fix their love spats, as their relationships could potentially fizzle at any sign of drama. Relationship quells could lead to a decline much quicker than in other partnerships, so Justin and Hailey, BE CAREFUL.

Justin and Hailey in 2011 (LOL).
Justin and Hailey in 2011 (LOL).

Will Justin and Hailey's relationship last?

This is a difficult one to answer, and each case obviously differs. But while attractions can be strong, Pisces/Sagittarius couplings will need to work to ensure their relationship retains its passion.

Justin's emotional history (including his relationship with Selena Gomez) means he's likely to grasp onto any sense of relationship security; something a strong and stable Sagittarius like Hailey will be more than willing to provide. However, Pisces/Sagittarius longevity is questionable, and Biebs and Hailey will have to work harder than other couples to make sure their relationship woes don't make their romance fizzle out altogether.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs:

It could go either way, folks. Regardless, we can't wait for the wedding.