ALERT: Justin Bieber has shaved his head

Stop what you’re doing! The Biebs’ hair (or lack thereof) comes first!

By Matt Galea
ALERT: Justin Bieber has shaved his head

Along with Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne, Justin Bieber is one of those celebs who seems to change their hairstyle as frequently as they change their Calvin Kleins.

One minute he’ll be rocking his sleek blonde do, the next minute he’ll be trying out dreads and most recently he went back to his OG look.

But it looks like the Biebs is over this look already as he has just been spotted with a shaved head!

We repeat:




Justin, dat you?

We can barely recognise the ’Sorry’ singer without his lush locks!

Justin is set to head Down Under this March for his Purpose Tour and we’re all too keen to see what kind of look he’ll be rocking by then.

Our guess is that he will have changed his hair 30 odd times by March.

The 22-year-old's ~dramatic~ hair change comes just as his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez found herself a new man in The Weeknd.

Bieber is reportedly not taking the news well at all as he has publicly dissed his ex’s new boyfriend.

Sel and The Weeknd, dubbed Ablena, have just responded to Justin’s poor attempt at throwing shade, as a source claimed that Sel ”loves the fact that her ex is jealous” and Abel is ”too mature to blink an eye”.

So maybe Justin’s big change is his attempt at shaking things off and moving on?

We mean, if it worked for Carrie in the Sex & The City Movie, it’ll surely work for anyone!

You do you, Justin. You do you!