Shut the front door: Justin Bieber is in Sydney and social media is in meltdown rn

Probs why the temperature soared today..

No need to adjust your screen – you read correctly: Justin Bieber is in Sydney. We repeat, Justin Bieber is in Sydney.

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Just days after performing at the British Summertime Festival, Biebs has pulled the ultimate sly one on us and has made a surprise trip to Oz ahead the annual Hillsong Conference, and eagle-eyed fans have spotted the singer taking a casual stroll around the world famous Bondi Beach.

As the news spread that Juzzy was in town again, social media literally died, came back to life, and provided us with all the goods from snap-happy fans that managed to catch a glimpse of the baben’ 23-year-old.

Because we’re definitely not obsessed stans or anything, we’ve compiled what we imagine Beiber’s day looked like…

10:30am: Justin strolls shirtless down Bondi Beach, takes hot selfie with a fan.

11:00am: Just taking a casual run through the streets of Bondi.

11:30am: Time to contemplate life while sitting alone on a bench.

11:45am: Justin hangs outside Doughnut Time, 'cos Doughnut Time.

12:00pm: Retail therapy at the Bondi Louis Vuitton store.

1pm: Lunch time ‘cos shopping makes you hungry.

1.30pm: More selfies while pulling faces.

2.30pm: Time to school some local kids with mad skillzz on the court.