This gal’s response to Justin Bieber sliding into her DMs will bring you pure joy

Shut DOWN.

By Natasha Harding

After rising to stardom in the peak of our awkward teen phase, and growing into a fit AF bad boi, it feels like Justin Bieber could have practically any girl he wants. But it turns out, that’s not actually the case.

Over the weekend, Biebs was casually scrolling through Instagram (his regular spot for picking up baes), when he saw a picture of Jessica Gober, a staff member at Fitness on Broughton gym, and thought she looked fit AF.

For context, here’s the post in question:

But rather than continuing to scroll on by like any normal person would, Biebs decided to DM Jessica’s workplace asking ‘who is that girl’, followed by a heart emoji. Classic.

Not surprisingly, the news didn’t stay private for long, with Jess taking to Twitter to share the exchange, writing “Did this actually just happen... lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF”.

And, unfortunately for Biebs, Jess already has a boyf.

To make sure there wasn’t any ambiguity, Jess then shared a ~romantic~ collage of her and bae together with the caption, “I’ve got everything I need right here”.

Justin RN:

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