Justin Bieber loses his cool (again) over Selena at the Met Gala

Is this supposed to be some kind of romantic gesture...?

By Samantha Steward

It’s pretty much the ultimate revenge; attend an event looking hella fine, make sure your ex sees you looking ~fIerCe~ and then remind just what he’s missing out on, and then make him get all emotional and tell the world how epic you are.

Oh yeah, Selena, the ball is in your court.

In case you weren’t aware, last night was the annual Met Gala, where pretty much anyone who’s anyone gets dolled up for the night and lives like they’re Serena Van der Woodsen. Amongst the attendees was Selena Gomez who stole the red carpet away from JLo’s butt in an angelic white Vera Wang gown. This year Justin Bieber also made an appearance and all seemed pretty chill on the red carpet, that was until the after party…

While Justin was in his car ready to leave Rihanna’s after party - alone - it’s pretty clear Selena’s breathtaking presence caught his attention. So much so he wanted all of New York City to know how he feels, so he shouted it out of his car window.

“Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!” Justin yelled out to paparazzi. (Check the vid.)

Yeah, true dat.

On her instagram, Selena wrote that she felt like a princess, and we could not agree more. She was a true pro on the red carpet; poised and elegant, and NOTHING became a distraction; not even not running into Bieber’s rumoured new fling, Kendall jenner.

According to E! news, last night Justin “hung out with Kendall [Jenner] and that crew a bit as well.”

So who knows what his deal is. Either way, Selena is pretty much killing it at life right now.