Justin Bieber was asked about proposing to Selena Gomez, and OMG at his response

That smirk!

By Jessica Chandra

When celebrities get asked questions by paparazzi on the fly, when they’re out and about just doing ~normal things~, their responses can often be more revealing than when they do proper interviews, 'cos they’re caught a little off-guard.

That’s exactly what happened to Justin Bieber a couple of days ago. The singer — whose on-again relationship with Selena Gomez is a source of constant fascination for people, even those who don’t even care that much for their music — was walking to his car when a paparazzo from TMZ asked him this very innocent question: “Justin, are you gonna propose to Selena Gomez?”

Justin didn’t say anything — but his expression said it all! His face broke into that cheeky Justin grin everyone loves, and he continued smiling as the paparazzo said, “You guys make a really good couple.”

See for yourself — we’ve watched this about 15 times on repeat.

Justin’s fans lost all chill at this reaction to the question about proposing to Selena, based on their tweets, at least.

Even though ‘Jelena’ has been a long-time, on-off-on-off-who-knows thing, their fans (us included) get super excited when anything gets posted showing the two of them being freaking cute together, or about each other — even if it’s fake.

A video circulated a couple of months ago that seemed to show Selena singing her buddy Taylor Swift’s song “Gorgeous” to Justin over FaceTime — she was really into it, he was blushing, and we loved it so much that we don’t care if it’s not real.

Because our love for these two is real.

Also, quick Selena Instagram update: A day after posting a cryptic message about her Billboard interview and then switching her account to private, the most-followed person on Instagram has a public profile again! But this probably wouldn’t have made a difference to most of us anyway.