This is what Justin Bobby from 'The Hills' is up to these days

A man so great he needed two names.

It’s been just over seven years since we waved goodbye to our favourite guilty pleasure, The Hills, but thanks to the wonderful world of social media we’ve managed to keep tabs on what’s going on in the former cast’s lives in order to fill the aching void the finale left us with.

Like, we know Lauren Conrad just had a bub, as did Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port (and we’re also currently awaiting the spawn of Speidi).

That’s all well and good and congrats to them, etc., but the real question on all our minds (or maybe just ours) is where the hell is Justin Brescia aka Justin Bobby?

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Between his sassy hair flicks, wearing combats boots to the beach, and ditching Audrina by riding his motorcycle off into the sunset – JB was low-key our fave supporting character of the entire show.

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These days, the 35-year-old bad boy is pretty much still the same old Justin Bobby we know and love - he's still cutting hair, and he's still chasing that punk-rocker dream in his one-man band called BobbyrocK.

"It is just me, so you get all kinds of sounds and sounds coming from everywhere. You hear these wonky sounds and heavy guitar riffs—it's like alternative punk-rock, but simple and catchy," he told E! News. "I grew up on Bruce Springsteen, The Offspring, Nirvana and Billy Joel—this old school/new school mixed in one. I think you hear a bit of life coming through basically."

As for whether he’d be up for another a reunion with his Cali cast mates?

“I think it would be all blank stares and kisses towards little babies with bottles in their mouths and strollers, right?" he said. "I'm not opposed to doing a reunion if I was able to fit it in. I never have any bad qualms with any of the cast members. Generally, we had a good time. If it fit and seemed right, I wouldn't mind."

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Never change, Justin Bobby, never change.

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