Kanye West just went peak Kanye on Ellen and we can barely even watch

Holy shit balls.

Kanye West + daytime TV was only ever going to end in something awkward af, right?

Well, picture your expectations and then quadruple them, because Yeezy just truly outdid himself on The Ellen Show. (TBH Ellen should have just stayed at home and put her feet up, because she didn’t get a word in.)

After an uncomfortable exchange where Kanye would only give one word answers:

…he went on to rant like only Kanye West can, and it’s obvious both the studio audience and Ellen don’t know whether to laugh or die over the uncomfortableness of the whole thing.

Then this happened.

You’ve got to admire the points he tried to make about racial discrimination and wanting to “help the world”, but the way he did it (8 minutes of pure rant) is really the only thing you can take away from this interview. Unless you count this nugget of gold, obvs:

“Start with the truth and put some dope shit with it.”