The Kardashian's annual Christmas card is here, but one person is missing

Kylie, where you at?

By Erin Cook

We're not sure if you've heard, but the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas cards are a bit of a big deal. This year, there's something not quite right about the family's annual Christmas card – one Kylie Jenner is missing.

Every year, like clockwork, the Kardashian-Jenner clan send an OTT Christmas card out into the world. It's been a tradition for the family since the '80s – a time before they were reality TV royalty. (Hard to imagine, we know.)

This year, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and the gang did an A+ job of teasing the card. For 25 days, the siblings posted outtakes and snippets from the shoot to Instagram. Then, finally(!), on December 24, they shared the official 2017 Kardashian Christmas card on their accounts. Aaaand – drumroll pls – here it is.

Notably, a potentially pregnant Kylie Jenner is missing from the card. It didn't take long for KUWTK fans to notice, with plenty of Instagrammers commenting on her absence. This is the first one she's missed.

For months, rumours have been swirling about Kylie and Khloé's reported pregnancies. Just last week, Khloé responded to the controversy by confirming that she is expecting. (Her pregnancy announcement was so cute BTW, read about it here.) However, Kylie has remained silent and now, her absence from the Kardashian Christmas card is adding further fuel to the speculation.

Kylie did, however, make a cameo on Khloé's Christmas morning Instagram story. As has become the norm for the past few months, she was only photographed from her shoulders up.

Stay tuned, friends. We have a feeling a Kylie Jenner pregnancy announcement is going to happen very soon.