These 'Kardashians with Aussie accents' videos will make you laugh for days

It's Kardashian meets Kath and Kim.

By Jess Pullar

Stop what your doing: we've found the ultimate in light-hearted Kardashian piss-takes...

Honestly, we're talking even better than that Instagram account that gives Kim Kardashian mega muscles and, let's face it, that was pretty great.

Instagram account @kardashianvideos has posted a series of clips, dubbed to transform Kim, Khloé and Kourtney into full-blown bogan Aussies.

And it's amazing. Basically Keeping Up with the Kardashians clips with Kath and Kim accents.

We would legit sink some schooners with these Sheilas....

Keep scrolling to see the glam sisters spin a cracker Aussie yarn, starting with Kim talking absolute nonsense:

Then we have Khloé, who is clearly still not over the infamous KUWTK scene where Kim flips out over losing her diamond earring in the ocean. Same, Khloe, same. #NeverForget.

Meanwhile, Kourtney's cool, calm and collected manner is enviable to us all. Including Khloé, who is so not on Kourtney's level:

And one final ripper — Kimmy K really takes the "she'll be right" mentality when it comes to invading her sister's wardrobe: