Everyone's calling this family 'the Kardashians of Australian surfing'

The siblings fund their wave-hunting travels around the world with sponsored Instagram posts. Jealous much?

By Erin Van Der Meer
Everyone's calling this family the Kardashians of Australian surfing

The Kardashian-Jenners aren’t the only family making an absolute motza from sponsored posts on their social media accounts.

Meet the Coffeys, the family that’ve been dubbed ‘the Kardashians of Australian surfing’ because they fund their constant travel around the world thanks to Instagram.

The five siblings – Ellie-Jean, 21, Holly-Sue, 18, Jackson, 21, Ruby-Lee, 16, and Bonny-Lou, 13, have more than a million followers between them (Ellie has more than 560,000, Holly more than 325,000, Jackson and Ruby-Lee more than 100,000 and Bonny-Lou more than 60,000) and they’ve harnessed their popularity to earn big bucks from brands that want to be featured on their accounts.

In other words, they’re living the dream.

But obviously, the nomadic Aussie family have attracted a huge base of followers for good reason – they’re all talented surfers. Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue are both pro, sponsored by major brands like Billabong, and they’re each hoping to score a spot on the Women’s Championship Tour.

They’re all also ridiculously good-looking, which doesn’t hurt.

The siblings’ dad Jason told the Daily Telegraph that the family are the real deal when it comes to being digital nomads. They packed up and hit the road 12 years ago in search of the best waves in Australia, with the kids being home-schooled.

He agreed with the comparison of his family to the Kardashians, in some ways.

“Say what you like about the Kardashians, they may not be very talented but at the end of the day they’re a big strong family unit,” Jason said.

“We’re more like the Kardashians in that sense than anything else.”

Ha! Love Jason’s not-so-subtle dig at the Kardashians and their lack of talent. Well, they are talented, you know – at taking selfies! Some would say it’s an art.