Wait, does Karlie Kloss think 'Waterfalls' is a Destiny's Child song?

We feel like we've woken up in a parallel universe.

Karlie Kloss.

Uh... this just in: Karlie Kloss, person who has been alive on this planet for several years, doesn't know the difference between TLC and Destiny's Child.

Karlie brought down the wrath of both the Beyhive and also just general enjoy-ers of life when, during a LOVE Magazine Q&A, she confused iconic 1994 bop 'Waterfalls' for a Destiny's Child song.

In the questionnaire, where she claims she's a 'Beyoncé mega-fan', Karlie answers the question 'Have have they influenced your life?' with 'She is the soundtrack to my LIFE! C'mon, Waterfalls!?'

Understandably, fans were not pleased.

Karlie has since addressed the controversy — in a way, at least — through a simple, but probably ineffective emoji.

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