We just discovered that Kate Middleton has a ridiculously attractive brother

How are we only realising this now??!

By Erin Cook

Kate Middleton has been a fully-fledged member of the British royal family for seven years. During that time, she has been featured in approximately 5,225,220,2251 news reports. We know a lot about the Duchess of Cambridge. Yet, somehow, we only just discovered that Kate has a hot brother!

Who'd've thunk it??!

Upon further investigation, the hot brother in question — real name: James William Middleton — has been right in front of us this whole time.

James, 31, attended Wimbledon this week with Pippa Middleton. He wore a dashing linen shirt, spotted trousers and a pair of navy loafters. (As you do.) James accessorised the look with a pair of Ray Bans.

So, where has James been hiding? As with all of the Middleton's, he has absolutely no presence on social media — no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no nothin'. However, he has been spotted at royal events in the past — we just didn't know who he was.

The youngest Middleton sibling earns an honest living via his multiple cake-making and candy-making companies (one of which is Boomf, a brand that produces personalised marshmallows).

Here he is driving a car!

Here he is walking arm-in-arm with his mother at the Pippa's wedding in 2017!

Here he is at Wimbledon!

Here he is at work!

We promise to keep you abreast of all James Middleton-related news going forward.