Will Katy Perry and Taylor Swift bury the hatchet at this year's MTV VMAs?

They're rumoured to be getting rid of the ~bad blood~.

The beef between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has been the juiciest Hollywood feud we've had the pleasure of witnessing in a long time, but rumour has it that it’s all about to come to a banger of an end at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.

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ICYMI: Here’s a summary of the battle of the pop princesses to date:

  • Tay thought Katy stole her back-up dancers and hinted to Rolling Stone that ‘Bad Blood’ was about Katy.
  • When the story came out, KP subtweeted Tay, likening her to Mean Girls’ Regina George.

“I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it.”

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Phew, OK, got it? Great.

So with that entire shit storm in mind and Katy set to host this year’s VMA’s, event organisers are said to be stressing the eff out over the logistical nightmare, since it’s rumoured Tay-Tay will perform her new single on the night.

In saying that, however, there are whispers that the two might take the opportunity to officially take the beef off the girl and perform together. Remember when Taylor and Nicki Minaj reconciled on stage at the 2015 awards after their spat? Amazing.

Now, can you imagine if Katy and Taylor did the same for this year’s show? Not only would it benefit them both, it would go down in history as a truly ~iconic~ moment pop culture along with Britney Spears performing with a snake and Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

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