Is Taylor Swift’s latest concert celebrity guest a message for Katy Perry?

Their BAD BLOOD is attracting the sharks…

If you’ve been stalking Taylor Swift’s instagram, you’ll be well aware that she’s been inviting different members of her celebrity Squad on stage each night of her 1989 tour.




Taylor’s concert in Foxborough over the weekend was no different. During a rendition of Bad Blood, a very familiar face popped up during a very crucial lyric…

That's right, it was the Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Super bowl performance.

As Taylor turns around for her “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes” line, Mr Shark pops his head up behind the screen and TBH we don't think he made an appearance to celebrate the release of Sharknado 3.

Ohhh no.

People are speculating that this is some Grade-A shade being thrown Katy Perry's way, and that it was most likely fuelled by the ambiguous tweet she sent out during last week's VMA twitter storm, which also kinda turned into a 'raise you hand if you've been personally victimised by Taylor Swift' fest when ex-nemesis Camilla Bella joined in.


You know what they say; one Woman's shark is another woman's Squad member.

This is all just getting effing ridiculous, isn't it?