Are Kendall Jenner and Anwar Hadid dating now? For real?

Love moves fast in Hollywood.

By Susannah Guthrie
anwar hadid kendall jenner

It was only yesterday (literally) that Kendall Jenner, 22, was dating Australia NBA star Ben Simmons, 22, but now it appears that's over and done with and Kenny has moved on to greener (read: younger) pastures.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the supermodel was spotted enjoying a night out with fellow model Anwar Hadid, his sister Bella, and a group of friends at a fair in Malibu.

Kendall and Anwar were reportedly "cosying up and going down a carnival slide together". Salacious.

You may recall that Kenny and Anwar were spotted smooching back in June 2018, but since then Kendall's been on holiday with Ben, along with her sister Khloe and Khloé's partner, Tristan, in Mexico.

Look, it might be jumping to conclusions to assume just because Kendall and Anwar shared a slide at a fun fair they're an item and Ben has been kicked to the kerb, but it is true that Anwar seems to bring out a particularly flirtatious side in Kendall.

Remember when she shared an Instagram post of her and Anwar and captioned it, "Dibs"? She's not even trying to contain her feels.

No reaction yet from Ben, but it appears he doesn't follow Kendall on Instagram, although she follows him.

Sour grapes, perhaps?