Kendall Jenner loves ‘getting her tits out’ for the BEST reason

Also spills the deets about her first kiss (which happened in the shower FYI).

By Natasha Harding

One of the leading #FreeTheNipple advocates, Kendall Jenner, finally opens up about why she gets her boobies out on the reg. And it’s hella empowering.

In an interview with W Magazine Kendall takes us back to her big modelling break was when she walked in the Marc Jacobs show back in 2014 wearing that edgy AF getup, which also showed her titties to the entire world.

Ken explains how she felt in the lead up to the runway. "I think I wasn’t nervous cause I was wearing flats — I was like, ’I can’t fall, there’s no way I can fall,’" she said. "And then my tits were out."

But rather than being freaked to shit about showing her coconuts to the entire fashion industry, Kendall says she had the opposite response. "I don’t know why I wasn’t nervous about that. I was really excited about my tits being out, actually," she continued. "I’m weird, I love my tits being out. It’s like one of my things, I guess.”

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Um, why? ‘Cause she’s all about that body positivity y’all. "I’m young! When I’m older, I want to be able to look at it and be like, ’I looked good!,’" Ken says.

Amen to that.

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In the same interview Kenny also opened up about her first ever kiss and it’s not what you might expect. Rather than pashing someone in a game of spin the bottle (like the rest of us) it turns out she had her first hook-up in the shower.

“It's not as crazy as it sounds... We were fully clothed, and the shower wasn't on,” Ken explains before saying the whole thing came about as a result of another classic tween game.

“We were playing Truth or Dare, me and my friends... We all shoved in the bathroom. When we got dared to kiss someone, we would have to go in the shower and close the curtain so no one would see.”

So now you know a lot more about Kendall Jenner than when you woke up this morning and we officially love her even more for it.

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