Kendall Jenner goes full Blair Waldorf on the steps of the Met

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

By Alyssa Bailey
Kendall Jenner Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl

Spotted on the Upper East Side: Kendall Jenner, who was just 11 when the first episode of Gossip Girl aired in September 2007, doing her best Blair Waldorf on the steps of the Met museum for a photo shoot:

In Burberry & Tod's
In Burberry & Tod's

Ah, but if only she had her sidekicks and a boy who looked just like Chuck Bass and, oh I don't know, maybe 50 more headbands???

Who knows if the shoot is designed to be an homage to the old CW show, but Jenner's clothes seem to be pretty spot-on, channeling Blair's preppy style, pussy-bow blouses and fabulous coats:

All that's missing is Gigi Hadid channeling Serena van der Woodsen alongside her:

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