Kendall Jenner explains the importance behind her middle name ‘Nicole’

Kendall says she’s “honoured” to be named after Kris Jenner’s late best friend Nicole Brown Simpson.

By Lorna Gray

Until The People v. OJ Simpson hit our screens, we’ll admit we’d actually forgotten about the connection the Kardashians shared with the biggest court case of our lifetime.

Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian were extremely close friends of OJ Simpson and the late Nicole Brown Simpson. The Kardashian-Simpson clans shared vacations with their children, celebrated countless birthdays and Kris was even supposed to meet Nicole for lunch the day Nicole’s body was found.

With the show putting the spotlight on their friendship once again, Kendall Jenner has now explained why she’s proud to have her middle name – Nicole.

Nicole was killed a year before Kendall Jenner was born but Kris Jenner honoured her friend by naming her newborn Kendall Nicole Jenner.

In a Snapchat story, Kendall explains: "My middle name is Nicole. (It's) after Nicole Brown Simpson because that was my mom's best friend," Kendall said. "And I'm honoured to have this name."

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