Kendall Jenner got kidnapped at Cannes

Kind of.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Kendall Jenner got kidnapped at Cannes

Despite momajer Kris Jenner no doubt watching her daughter at every possible moment, Kendall Jenner still managed to get herself into a spot of trouble at Cannes.

The Daily Mail reports that Kendall was waiting to be picked up by a boat to take her to a party on the mega yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and when a vessel with several men on board pulled up and invited her to get in, the model obliged, assumedly thinking they would take her the yacht.

As the Daily Mail explains:

"Instead of taking her to join megastars such as Sir Mick Jagger, Katy Perry, Kate Moss and Mark Rylance, it took her to another, far less superior vessel.

"It was then the model realised, to her horror, that she had been duped by what she later described as some ‘random Eurotrash guys’".

Thankfully, Kendall was able to convince her ‘captors’ to return her to shore.

We can’t believe this whole debacle wasn’t documented on Snapchat. Come on, Kendall. You’re dropping the ball.