Kendall Jenner just posted her most naked Instagram ever

Nudes ahead.

By Katie Stow

Despite being a professional supermodel, Kendall Jenner is arguably the most conservative of her sisters — keeping herself to herself most of the time and hardly ever over-sharing details of her life. She also keeps her Instagram grid pretty 'fashion' and strays away from the full-frontal nudity that big sister Kim loves to share.

But, in a sudden twist of events, Kenny just bumped herself up from the most demure to the most naked Kardashian-Jenner by sharing these two rather explicit shots on Instagram.

Prepare your eyes for some serious abs, under-boob and groin-edge.

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Here's the first image:

And here's the second:

Kendall cheekily captioned the pic with, "Technically this is just my torso…" and cleverly deleted the comments so no gross trolls could give her their two cents.

We're kind of loving Kendall's slightly off-brand/rebellious 'gramming, and hope that she keeps living her best life.