Kendall Jenner shuts down pregnancy rumours in one hilarious tweet

Case closed.

Over the past year, pregnancy rumours concerning the entire Kardashian family have been flying thick and fast. Some of the rumours turned out to be true. Kim is expecting a baby in 2018 via surrogate, and less than two weeks ago, Khloe confirmed she's pregnant too.

The latest Kardashian to find herself at the centre of a pregnancy drama? Kendall. But let's not get too carried away: Kendall shut down the speculation in one swift (and hilarious!) tweet.

It all started with this Instagram post. Some of Kenny's followers decided she looked pregnant:

(For the record, we don't see any hint of a baby bump!)

From there, a few online publications reported on the speculation, including MTV Australia who wrote: "fans now reckon kendall jenner is preggers thanks to this instagram pic."

Kendall replied to MTV's tweet, shutting down any pregnancy rumours. However, she does enjoy bagels.

Mmmmmm carbs…