Question: Did Kesha get a get a tattoo tribute to Tilikum?

As in, Tilikum, the whale from ‘Blackfish’.

Public service announcement: We think we may have unearthed the secret meaning behind Kesha’s new tattoo.

The context? Well, your girl Kesha recently posted this photo to Instagram, of her brand spankin’ new whale tattoo.

Pretty cute, huh?

Obviously, the pink and yellow tatt is a whale. Which is timely considering one of SeaWorld’s killer whales, Tilikum – who was brought into the public consciousness by the documentary Blackfish – died late last week.

Kesha captioned the post, “Psychedelic whales are slowly covering my entire body." (Which doesn’t really help to solve the mystery.)

Is Kesha’s new tattoo a tribute to the late Tilikum? Jury is out.

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