This is how we know that Khloé Kardashian is having a baby girl

She blew her baby secret live on ‘Ellen’.

If you're anything like us, you had a minor heart attack when Khloé Kardashian FINALLY announced her pregnancy. She took to Instagram to share her delight with a beautiful shot of her baby bump, with both her and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson's, hands holding up their little bundle of joy.

And since she dropped the news, we've been looking out for any new information about this Kardashian baby that Khloé drops — and she may have dropped her biggest clue yet live on The Ellen Show.

The youngest Kardashian sister stopped by for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres to talk all things baby, and she did something that hardly any celebrity who's expecting does: she revealed what she will call her baby.

Usually celebs like to keep this kind of thing under wraps, so they can save the reveal for a highly-liked Instagram post or glossy magazine deal — and the Kardashians are no different, with Kim's naming of North being one of the most talked-about news pieces of the year the grumpy (but adorable) bub was born.

But instead, rebellious Khloé decided to straight-up tell Ellen (and the whole wide world, by default) that if she was having a boy, she would call him Tristan Junior, after her boyfriend and baby daddy.

However, she did not reveal what she would call her child if she were to pop out as a baby girl — and we reckon this means that she's having a girl, and is saving her name reveal for when her little lady arrives!

Another thing to back this up is that she claims that she doesn't know the sex of her child, but that she does want to find out. Now that's all well and good, but Khloé is six months pregnant, so she could definitely have found out the sex by now.

Sorry Khloé, but we think we've cracked your code!

Now watch Khloé admitting to having sex in a limo: