Kim Kardashian goes full frontal for Paper magazine

You thought the rear shots were krazy.

Kim Kardashian goes full frontal for Paper magazine

Yesterday Paper magazine debuted their kontroversial winter cover, starring Kim Kardashian and her fully bared behind.

On the other shots from inside the mag, they said, “all we can say about the images inside, which we'll be releasing on Thursday, is...holy fucking shit.”

And now, they’ve delivered.

“Kim went into the shoot with just the one cover image in mind: the champagne pic, because Jean-Paul Goude wanted to recreate his pic he took 30 years ago. That was it," a source told E! News of the shoot, which took place in September during Paris Fashion Week.

"But Jean-Paul and Kim hit it off and they asked everyone to leave and they both got creative. No publicist, no magazine execs."

"He had to be inspired and sketch her first and have a vision," the insider adds. "So he came up with that—ripping the dress off. Kim loved it!"

Apparently she was also completely unfazed by getting her bits out on set, "Kim was all game for anything and the art of it," the source said. "He's iconic."

Cue EVEN MORE hilarious memes. Internet, consider yourself broken.