Can you guess which Instagram pic Kim Kardashian was paid over half a million bucks for?

Seriously need to get on this #spon life.

By Katie Stow

#Sponsored posts are essentially an official member of the Kardashian family now, with pretty much all the famous siblings jumping on the bandwagon to promote a number of brands on the 'gram. From hair vitamins to waist trainers, the Kardashian-Jenner fam sure know how to sell beauty products — even if said product has zero effectiveness in reality.

Normally stats on how much the Kardashian family members are paid for their posts has been kept under wraps, but a recent development has confirmed that for one Instagram picture, Kim Kardashian was paid a WHOPPING $674,000.

Yup, over half a million for one copy-and-paste caption and a glossy snap.

But which one raked in that cash money?

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Was it her ongoing partnership plug with Lumee cases?

Or perhaps her ~scrummy~ looking FitTea protein shakes?

Nope, neither of those. It was actually one for a morning sickness drug that she promoted a casual two years after her pregnancy with Saint, and whilst her surrogate was preggers with Chicago. Maybe Kim's surrogate got some free samples to help her through?

Science and medicine news site STAT sneakily obtained a 2017 contract between the huge US medical company called Duchesnay and Ms. KimK, showing that Duchesnay paid Kim a total of $674,000 to post about a morning sickness drug called 'Diclegis'.

Kim shared a lengthy caption on all the benefits of the drug and how it can help, "mommies2B who could have morning sickness like me!".

The promo spiel was a lot shorter before Kim got into a lil bit of hot water with the FDA as the OG post didn't include any risk information about the drug — which is required in any medical advertisements. That's why the caption has fun facts in it now like, "Diclegis can pass into your breast milk & may harm your baby." Fun….

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TBH it's pretty heartbreaking that one chick (albeit a very famous and influential chick) can make 13 times more than the average YEARLY salary of an Australian with one simple upload. Like, how can we get in on this hustle? …Preferably without a sex tape leak and 450 million hours of footage of our family being batshit crazy.

Is that too much to ask?!

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