Kim Kardashian released her own fidget spinner and it’s the most extra thing we’ve ever seen

[Immediately buys 10.]

By Mahalia Chang
Kim Kardashian.

Remember back when Jessica Simpson was on every conceivable product in the world and you could just go out and buy J Simpson everything? CDs, DVDs, perfumes, bags, glasses, shoes, edible cosmetics?

Well, as the years go on, Kim Kardashian has slowly worked her way into that territory. Now you can walk into any respectable store and buy Kim Kardashian clothes, makeup, perfumes, 420-themed ashtrays, pool floats and religious candles — because, y’know, necessary.

But Kimmy K’s latest brand release has us, dare we say, shook.

The reality star revealed her newest drop of themed KIMOJI paraphernalia this week (the theme is ‘Daddy’… jury’s still out on whether that’s in a sexual way, or just in a regular #dad way), and among the strange items (including photo keychain and socks) is a gold… Daddy-themed… dollar sign-shaped… fidget spinner.

The ‘Engraved Daddy Fidget Spinner’ is priced at a reasonable $25 and is bound to up your street cred by at least four points.

And Kim isn’t the only Kardashian-Jenner to take to the spin lyfe — her half-sister Kendall Jenner is also down with the rotation. She was spotted out looking slick in New York this month rocking a red suit, white sneaks and a lime green fidget spinner.

Our bets are on Kylie being next.