Can we talk about how f*cking terrifying Kim Kardashian's new perfume ad is?!

Prepare to be traumatised.

By Katie Stow

Surprise, surprise, Kim Kardashian West has launched another perfume for her KKW Fragrance range, but this time she's tying in another one of her brands by releasing a 'Kimoji' perfume.

The bottles are actually pretty cute, featuring a frosted cherry and peach and a speech bubble bottle plastered with the word 'vibes', but we need to take a second to talk about how fucking terrifying the promo pics for the perfumes are — because, look:

Kim has released a collection of emoji-esque-shots of her emoji-esque-self holding her Kimoji perfume. Meta…

But are they, or are they not, the most creepily disturbing images of Kim you have ever seen in your life?! (Spoiler alert: They are.)

Between that dead-behind-the-eyes stare and could-murder-you-with-one-swipe claws, we're pretty sure this is the horror movie version of Ms. Kardashian and we're scared.

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Just to make matters worse, she's also recruited in a whole army of eerie-ass Kimoji mates to model the perfume in their raunchy Sim-like manner.

If you feel like really freaking yourself out, feel free to scroll through all the promotional images of the Kimoji perfume range. But, be warned, you will not sleep tonight if you do.