Kim Kardashian West continues to get seriously f*cking naked

Another day, another nude.

By Katie Stow

In news that comes about far too frequently: Kim Kardashian is naked again.

Though she has been stripping off for the gram for a fair while, Kim really upped her game for the promotional pics for her newest KKW fragrance, KKW BODY. The actual bottle for the perfume is a literal mould of her naked body — boobs, butt and vag galore — so obviously Kim thought it best to stick with the theme and release a fully nekkid shoot along with it, smattered with a few behind-the-scenes shots of her getting papier-mâchéd up.

While we thought that we'd seen practically every inch of the famous sister already, it seems that a second round of nudes is heading our way, with Kim posting a rather revealing one this morning on Instagram.

The pic featured her, sans clothes, leaning over and covering what she could with her arms and hands. Features include: a borderline nip slip and a celebration of what the Kardashian's like to refer to as the "bald puss."

To keep things really organised for you, here's a little gallery of all the butt naked promo shots for Kim Kardashian's KKW BODY perfume: