Kim Kardashian West has posted her second nude selfie in 24 hours

She’s also the comeback KWEEN.

kim kardashian naked instagram twitter comebacks

She’s only gone and bloody done it again! That’s right, Kim Kardashian has gifted us with TWO stark nekkid photos in the space of just 24 hours. But believe it or not, that isn’t even the sassiest thing she’s done of social media today.

ICYMI, following the posting of #NakedKimNumero1 last night, the likes of Piers Morgan, Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz publically slammed KKW on Twitter. But Kim obviously decided she wasn’t taking any shit from anyone today, as she’s snapped backed at each of the aforementioned with so much shade each and every one of them was left sitting in total darkness. (We assume.)

First Bette got torn a new one.

Then Piers got SHUT DOWN.

Before Chloe got told she was a nobody


Now look, we’ve binge-watched enough Keeping Up With The Kardashians in our time to warrant a sneaking suspicion that some of those #sickburns weren’t the words of Kimmy K. Scott? Yeezy? Even KoKo, is that you?

Either way, we’re massively enjoying it.

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