Kim Kardashian has people fuming about what she just did to daughter North West's hair


Kim Kardashian's eldest child North West turned five this week and to celebrate little Nori and her friend were treated to a stop at Dylan's Candy Bar in New York.

As seen in pap pics from Thursday (June 14, 2018), Kiki rocked up to the store in shorty shorts, thigh high boots and her dark hair in waves. Her daughter on the other hand wore a hot pink Adidas tracksuit, Yeezys and, most notability, her usually cute curls styled poker-straight, in a high pony with a braid up the middle.

While the little girl was positively beaming on her birthday, unsurprisingly, one corner of the internet decided to bring the mood down and voice all the feelings they have about the recent appearance of North's hair.

While some wanted to call Kim out for "damaging" her preschool-age child's hair by straightening it, most of the criticism hinted at the social pressures women of colour have struggled with when it comes to the appearance of their natural textured hair.

Some simply said five is too young to be drastically experimenting with kids hair:

But Kim did have her defenders:

And the people saying Kim has made a concerted effort to get to know what is best for her child's hair type would be right. In the past Kik's has been vocal about getting lessons to style the afro hair her daughter inherited from dad, Kanye West.

In a 2016 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the reality star confessed that she wasn't sure how to do North's hair.

"North is so proud of her curly hair, and she's very opinionated on how she wants to wear [it]," she said on the ep. "As a mum, you don't wanna have to tell her, 'I don't know how to do your hair.' It's such a prideful thing to make her look pretty and make her look confident; it's important to me."

On the show, Kim got a one-on-one tutorial on braiding by celebrity stylist Kim Kimble; at the time Kim, who is an Armenian-American with thick straight hair, got a lot of flack for admitting that she was not always sure about how to style her black daughter's hair (OMG—can she live?!).

Since then, Kim has showed off the results.

We dunno, but a mum who goes to the effort of asking for help and getting lessons doesn't sound like a dragon wielding a GHD to us.

So, while we know for a lot of people identity can be tangled up in hair, as North's loving mother Kim can ultimately decide how to style her child's hair; and by now, after the billion mummy-shaming incidents she's had before, the #momofthree surely knows all her parenting choices are likely to be judged and criticised.

Not getting dragged down by the hur drama, Kim lightened the focus and took to Instagram to share a photo of Nori at her last birthday party, capped of with an adorable b'day dedication.

"My baby girl turns 5 today," Kim wrote. "Never did I think back then that I would have my best friend for life! I'm so honoured to be your mum Northie! You have brought more joy into my world than I ever could have imagined."

She also joked about North's role as big sister to brother, Saint West, 2, and 4-month-old Chicago West. Kim asked, "Now that you're 5, don't you think it's the mature thing to try to be nice to your brother now!?!"

After all this we just want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORTHIE!!!! X