Kim Kardashian went to Paris Hilton's birthday party and what year is it again?

Plus the throwback photo Kris Jenner shared is giving us LIFE.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Kim Kardashian went to Paris Hilton's birthday party

Former BFFs Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton recently rekindled their friendship after years of rivalry, and now Kim has even attended Paris’ b’day celebration.

Proving their long-time feud really is behind them, Kim snapped a photo on Saturday night – with bleach blonde hair, no less – revealing she was about to head out to Paris’ 36th birthday party. Her outfit was ~very~ Paris – a black bra-top and high-waisted skirt, and a glitter choker.

But the best gift of the night might be from Kris Jenner, who shared a throwback photo of her and Paris at Hilton’s 21s birthday on Instagram, which is giving us LIFE.

Everything about this photo is so early 2000s. It’s almost too much. Almost.

But in all seriousness, the message Kris wrote in the caption was actually really nice.

“Happy Birthday Paris!!! I have known you since you were born and you have grown up to be an amazing young lady.. smart, kind, beautiful inside and out and always thinking of others..this is 15 years ago at studio 54 for your 21st birthday!!!! Always so much fun when we are all together.... love you!!!!!”

Still having trouble processing that the Kardashians and Hiltons are friends again? Same. You see, when Kim’s popularity suddenly skyrocketed and began to overtake Paris', Paris made some bitchy comment in an interview that Kim’s butt was like “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag." She also liked a meme that Kim would be nothing without Paris.

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But it seems Kim’s robbery ordeal in Paris, of all places, made her realise life is too short for petty shit, and she must have decided to reconcile with her old best-friend. Kim followed Paris on Instagram, and then they partied together over Christmas, and just try to tell us this is not exactly what the world need right now.