You can now float on Kim Kardashian's butt in the pool because life is beautiful

Live your best life. Buy this pool float.

By Mahalia Chang
Kim Kardashian.

We can't even begin to count the amount of times we've been relaxing, floating in our pool, drink in hand, a good-looking, yet sweet-mannered Cabana boy sweeping leaves by the veranda, and thought to ourselves 'GOD, what I wouldn't do to be floating on a giant inflatable replica of a Kim Kardashian butt emoji right now.'

If you've ever had a similar thought (and we know you have), then GUESS WHAT, you're in luck.

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Introducing the Kimoji Butt Pool Float.



Of course, this kind of high-end luxury doesn't come cheap. A butt-shaped pool float will set you back around $130 AUD, but we guarantee you, it'll be the best $130 you ever spend.

Catch us in the pool in 18°C weather for this absolutely majesty.

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