Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Forced Tristan Thompson To Unblock Her

This sounds so awkward.

By Zoe Anastasiou

For those who missed it, last week Kim Kardashian awkwardly forced her sister's partner Tristan Thompson to unblock her on social media...whilst filming the strange interaction for the whole world to see.

Posting to her Instagram stories, Kim filmed herself and Tristan at sister Khloe's birthday party and watched over his shoulder as the basketballer unblocked her on Instagram.

Although we may have all been cringing at the scenario, today Kim Kardashian revealed the reason why she chose to have this conversation in front of her social media audience of 113 million people.

"I did [the video] just spur-of-the-moment," Kim explained to Extra. "I thought about it, I was like, 'Wait a minute, you have your phone out and this is really awkward 'cause you blocked me,' and, 'What's up? We're all in the same room again, can I get a follow, can I get an unblock at least?'"

The star added that obviously Tristan was not aware that she was about to share this awkward family moment with her millions of followers, but admitted, "I had to do it, I had to!"

In the same interview, Kardashian explained why family is, in fact, so important to her and the reason she does cherish the times when all the siblings are able to be together.

"I was just raised, you know, that blood is thicker than water and family first, and that's also what keeps us sane," Kardashian said.

"When we have those family dinners and we just get to hang out and be together through all the craziness that we've been through, we love each other and support each other, so it's always just fun to be together and no matter what we'll support each other, and we know that."