People Are Really Upset With Kirstie Alley for Her Tweet About Stephen Hawking

The actress is being dragged for what many believe was a disrespectful comment about the late scientist.

Kirstie Alley is being accused of being heartless as she tried to pay tribute to late theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author Stephen Hawking.

Following Hawking's death at age 76 earlier this week from a debilitating neurological disorder, everyone from celebrities to scientists sent heartbroken messages of condolence to science's brightest star.

NASA sent a message out into the twittershpere that read, "Remembering Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist and ambassador of science. His theories unlocked a universe of possibilities that we & the world are exploring. May you keep flying like superman in microgravity, as you said to astronauts on @Space_Station in 2014"

As the tributes flowed actress Kirstie Alley's odd message caught the attention of fans. The 67-year-old star took to Twitter to write, "You had a good go at it..thanks for your input".

Alley, who was obviously talking about Hawking's humble ambitions to understand all that there is in the universe, was branded as passive-aggressive for her attempt at a eulogy.

Trying to make fans understand her intentions, Alley later responded to fans saying Hawking was "Probably one of the top 3 funniest people on the planet ... beautiful mind."

She then took a cryptic dig at the plague of trolls who'd ascended on her, intimating they were like "locusts ... only crispier."

Perhaps next time Alley could note of Neil deGrasse Tyson's less controversial condolences. The astrophysicist said Hawking's passing "has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake" with an "energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure." Beautifully put.