Did Kit Harington and Rose Leslie just get engaged?!

It’s the Ygritte and Jon Snow happy ending that we’ve always dreamt of.

kit harington rose leslie engaged

Everything seems to be about Game of Thrones at the moment (because season seven has just kicked off and it is already ace), but this GoT news has to be the best of all — Ygritte and Jon Snow are engaged!

…Okay, not really, as Ygritte was tragically killed in season four, but the actors who play the wilding/bastard duo, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are a couple IRL and have just gotten engaged!

A source shared that, “Kit recently cooked Rose a romantic candlelight dinner and proposed to her.” Which sounds far more romantic than Jon Snow’s wooing tactics…

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Rose, reportedly “burst into tears and immediately said yes,” the source told Life & Style.

So, a Game of Thrones wedding is happening! We can only hope it is slightly more successful than nuptials have been in the show.

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Rose and Kit have been together since they met on the GoT set back in 2012, and have kept a pretty low-key relationship since then, staying out of the spotlight as much as possible.

However, that didn’t stop Nicole Kidman nudging Kit that perhaps it is about time that he popped the question, while they were both on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

We are chuffed for this pair, and can’t wait to see what members of the Game of Thrones cast get invited to the wedding!