KJ Apa wants to date this 'Riverdale' character and WE SHIP

We're way too obsessed with the lives of this cast.

By Bianca Mastroianni
KJ Apa reveals his Archie character should be with Betty

If you haven't already started watching Riverdale on Netflix, then DW... only four episodes are out and you have time to catch up.

The show is based off the Archie comic classics, and has quickly become the hottest new teen drama to obsess over. Take Pretty Little Liars' dark, murder plot-line with the elite, hot AF aesthetic from Gossip Girl and you've got Riverdale (plus, like, an ridiculous amount of hot read-heads.)

The main character is Archie, New Zealand's own KJ Apa who has the most incredible jawline you ever did see.

He and Betty are the couple you want to be together so bad, but he's mixed up with a forbidden love-affair with the mysterious, kind of creepy music teacher Miss Grundy.

KJ spoke to Vulture about who he thinks Archie should be with, and thankfully he agrees with us.

"Before I became involved with it, I wasn’t familiar with Archie at all, but I think, because of how famous the Betty and Archie thing is, I would love to see Betty and Archie get together," he revealed. YAS!!

He continued, "I think it’s so iconic and everyone kind of wants that. If there was any relationship that I would ship for, it would be Archie and Betty, which is kind of a classic, iconic relationship."

Couldn't agree more Archie. Now, to get your head out of Miss Grundy's ass so this beautiful relationship can blossom.

New episodes hit Netflix every Friday night.