Kris and Caitlyn Jenner join forces to support Kendall at the Victoria’s Secret show

Doin’ it for the kids.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kendall Jenner is off making her debut into the Victoria’s Secret show, a huge step in her modelling career, and lucky for her she had a select few family members showing their support by attending the show.

Dad Caitlyn Jenner and mum Kris put their differences aside to show Kendall how ~amazing~ she is in this incredible gig, while also showing the world that they are still supportive of each other.

Oh bless them. That is serious #ParentingGoals right there.

This is the first public outing that the two have been pictured at together, although Kris was seated front-row with boyfriend Corey Gamble, it is nice to see that there is no love lost.

Now, a moment to mention how glorious the two looked:

HollywoodLife spotted them chatting closely after Caitlyn gave her ex-wife a kiss hello.

Caitlyn also showed her love and support to Kris on her 60th birthday, by featuring in a home-made video dedicated to her. It involved her in a bath, and it's spectacular…

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