Kourtney Kardashian just accused Kris Jenner of having an affair

And Kris clapped back with even more shade.

By Katie Stow

In a clip released by E! promoting the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, scenes between Kourtney and Kris (with a side dish of Khloé) take place. The conversation is obviously headed down a heated track when Khloé states that Kourtney, "For some reason, you do not give Mom the benefit of the doubt ever, from your childhood and it's really unfair".

The 'Todd' comment refers to Kris Jenner's alleged affair with Todd Waterman, which supposedly took place 10 years into her marriage with Robert Kardashian.

Kourtney hit back with a snappy, "I don't sit there and dwell about Todd, " before momma Kris threw the biggest heap of shade at her daughter, saying:

BUUUUUURN. Kris is obviously referring to Kourtney's boyfriend Younes Bendjima, who things have since fizzled with. And when we say fizzled, we mean they have fully erupted after Younes was caught frolicking with a hot ladyfriend on the beach.

Kourtney clapped back to her mum's sassy comment clarifying, "No, I actually don't. I'm actually not married and I'm not having an affair". Like, honestly true Kourtney. Good job fact checking your mum. "You can't compare one to the other," she continued.

Khloé then tried to appease things and ultimately wrap up the drama by saying, "Sometimes our memories get a little warped by our age, but don't be so hard on your mom". A moment of silence for KoKo who is the undefeated champion of peace keeping in this crazy family.