Hold up, is Momager Kris Jenner engaged?!

That is one big ass diamond.

By Katie Stow

Kris Jenner (Momager to her own, legend to all) has been going steady with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, for about four years now, but after two divorces she has been pretty vocal about the fact that she's never walking down the aisle again.

We were cool with that, and thought it was probs for the best seeing as the 'Kardashian Curse' has managed to poison almost every bloke that comes into the family. So it's no surprise that we literally fell off our damn chair when we saw Kris parading a bloody MASSIVE diamond ring on ~that~ finger.

In the pics, published by People, you can see a huge sparkler casually resting on her ring finger as Kris climbs out of her car in Beverly Hills.

But before you start clearing your schedule for another Kardashian Wedding Special, we've rummaged through the Kris Jenner archives and spotted that she's definitely worn this ring before, at a premiere in 2015.

However, it was on the other hand before and therefore not on the engagement ring finger, so people were a lot more chill about it.


So what does this hand switcheroo mean? Is she finally engaged to Corey? Did she get married in secret already? Who knows?! Well, probably Kris, Corey and Jonathan Cheban (because he literally knows everything about that fam).

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