Kris Jenner responds to reports she and Kanye West have had "explosive" fights over his tweets

A clapback from the momager-extraordinaire herself.

Kanye West reactivating his Twitter was all fun and games until... he started being a poster boy for the alt-right.

In the months since Yeezy came back to Twitter the rapper has not only been posting his usual eccentric messages, but also, more erratic and politically controversial tweets that have endeared him to some ultra conservatives.

Over the weekend, not only did Kanye share his support for Candance Owens (Owens BTW, is an African American writer, conservative commentator and Trump supporter who was once noted Black Lives Matter protesters were "whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention") but he also shouted out cartoonist and Dilbert creator, Scott Adams (Adams is also a Trump fan and, asThe Washington Post pointed out, the men's rights activist once publicly argued that "rape is a 'natural instinct' of men and society a 'virtual prison for men's natural desires").

So yeah, he did that.

Then PEOPLE specualted that sources had admitted that Kanye's maniacal Twitter use was putting strain on his relationship with his family, especially his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

The article seemed to say Yeezy's posts cause momager Kris to worry about what effect he might have on Kim Kardashian's brand.

"He's had huge blow-ups with Kris," a source close to the family reportedly told PEOPLE. "She sees how erratic he's acting and is most concerned about her daughter's brand. She's also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he's having explosive issues with her too. Everyone is really, really worried."

While we wouldn't exactly disagree with Kris showing concern over the rants, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch has hit back at the suggestion there's any family feud going on.

On Tuesday the 62-year-old retweeted the PEOPLE stories writing, "Lies, lies, lies" and "Nope, not true!"

Thank you for clearing that up, Kris :) It would have made better TV if the sitcho was like this though...