Kris Jenner totally flipped out after her Oscars faux pas

She blamed everyone else, apparently.

By Jessica Chandra
Kris Jenner Oscars mistake

If this year’s Oscars taught us anything, it’s that shit happens on live TV – and there’s nothing you can really do about it! Except laugh it off, and be as graceful as you can, like the casts and crews of La La Land and Moonlight.

As the Best Picture mistake was one of the most epic live TV errors of all time, a few other mishaps flew a little more under the radar. (Though that In Memoriam one was… pretty bad.)

Before the ceremony started, Kris Jenner joined Giuliana Rancic, celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and Chrissy Metz from This Is Us to discuss the red carpet fashion. They were talking about Loving actress (and Oscar nominee) Ruth Negga, who looked stunning in a red dress, and accessorised with a blue ribbon to show her support for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“What is that blue little thing she has there? Is that a ribbon?” Kris asked about the ribbon.

“It’s the ACLU ribbon a lot of people are actually wearing on the red carpet tonight,” Giuliana explained.

“Oh, perfect! OK,” Kris replied, which proved to everyone watching that she had no idea what the ribbon was about. “Oh, that’s wonderful. This is the first one I’ve seen.”

Here’s how the moment went down:

And the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch was immediately dragged on Twitter for her lack of awareness.

The ACLU also tweeted to Kris:

After the pre-show wrapped, a source told Radar Online, “Kris absolutely flipped out when the cameras stopped rolling. Kris accused producers of trying to sabotage her. She actually went on to say that it was their fault that they did not inform her of what the blue ribbons signified.”

OK… but did Kris really need to be informed by producers about the significance of the ACLU pins? Anyone who’s paid attention to awards season should know they’ve been a recurring theme, and there were so many other people, including Busy Philipps, Karlie Kloss, Miranda July, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emma Stone, who wore them to the Oscars.

This gaffe could impact Kris’ future appearances on the show, with the source adding, “She will likely not be asked to work the pre-show again. Kris is just mortified at how badly she messed up.”

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